Finally! A clipper blade you can love again!
Remember the 'good 'ole days', when your clipper blades cut great and stayed sharp?

Those days are back again once more! If you prefer a quality blade, like Laube, Furzone, AGS & Steel Horse, then you'll love the blades from

What makes these blades better? They are made from Japanese Surgical Steel and are manufactured with a stronger metal formula, with a 'hardness' of 62 on the Rockwell scale of hardness. They didn't take any short cuts in the manufacturing process, just to save money. A harder blades will stay sharper longer, with proper cleaning and lubrication.

Another point of difference is the cutter blade had 22 teeth vs the standard 18, making the cut 'smoother'.

And the final difference in Great-Blades is your first sharpening is absolutely FREE!
Please click on the shopping cart icon for pricing. We offer a 7 day satisfaction guarantee too! If you don't love the performance of the these blades, simply return them, undamaged, for a full refund, less a 20% restocking fee...what can you loose?