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One of my 1st jobs as a teenager was working with my Father, in a small neighborhood grocery market. At first was the official "bag boy" but soon I began waiting on customers in the meat department. It was there I began to learn the "Old Skool" method of sharpening the butcher knives with a oil stone. I got pretty good...

A short time after high school graduation, I enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps and began attending college. I was honorably discharged after my initial enlistment period and finished my business degree.

The majority of my working career was spent in the hospitality industry, working for Hilton & Holiday Inns, some free-standing restaurants and even owning a few spots...all the while honing my knife sharpening skills as the need arose. Looking to improve my skills, I bought an AMK-75 knife sharpening system, to better my abilities.

Soon, many of my friends began dropping by with their dull cutlery and some of my hair dresser friends/associates began asking me to sharpen their shears. I knew the equipment I had was unable to sharpen quality convex shears, so I began my quest to learn about scissor sharpening.

After nearly 2 years of research, I purchased an Ez-Vex sharpening machine, as it was the most technically advanced system available. There isn't another machine available that will restore any shear to factory specs while removing the least amount of metal from the shear. It is unique in the manner it retains the convex edge, keeping finishes from being damaged and the edge can be customized to the stylist's needs.
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