Every aspect of sharpening your clipper blades has been refined for superior results, with a unique system that outperforms any other system, regardless of disc size.

Our automated SHOP SYSTEM reduces human inconsistencies while removing less metal from your blades, ensuring they will last longer, stay sharper and save you money!

We're so confident in our system, we'll even sharpen one clipper blade for FREE just to show you & prove our system!

Carefully package & wrap your blades & shears & send them to:

POB 5893
Plant City, FL 33566

Please include your email address & your cell phone number and return postage. Your blade will be processed overnight and returned ASAP!

$5 SHIPPING DEAL!* When you place your order online, we'll generate a downloadable shipping label for shipping to us, when your order is over $50. (use USPS poly padded mailer, holds your blade box plus much more) We'll share all shipping costs & you'll only pay $5! (select $5 shipping option)

We also have great introductory offer! Send us ten (10) clipper blades and we'll sharpen any grooming shear for free! All for only $50! And we'll return it FREE via USPS Priority Mail*

We clean, sharpen, demagnetize, disinfect/ultrasound clean, set the tension, oil, & test them, using fur & a string test.

Please include your name, address & phone number...

You don't need to use the online system, as you can just send us your dull blades & we can invoice you.

Clipper blade sharpening is available via mail order and through our route service in the greater Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg/Orlando area. Our online store has several sharpening options for your consideration.

Feel free to call or text 407-227-3868

We also highly recommend that you change the blade drive each time you sharpen your blades. Clipper maintenance, like oiling your blades, will improve their effectness.
Need local service in Greater Tampa Bay/St. Pete/Lakeland?
Call/text 407-227-3868