We are a mobile service, sharpening & restoring your favorite salon shears to factory sharpness, regardless of the style or manufacturer.

We honor all warranties and offer a 30 day guarantee on our sharpening service.

All work is done in the salon, so you can review & oversee our process.
We are authorized sharpeners for many scissor manufacturers.

Our Ez-Vex sharpening system is "the next generation" in salon shear sharpening. The Ez-Vex is newly patented, and uses a fine grade diamond wheel to remove the least amount of metal from your shears while protecting the look & finish of your shear.

The Ez-Vex system uses proven mathematical/geometry principles of the inside diamanter of the diamond wheel to maintain & restore the convex radius of your shear. All shears are then 'finished' on a whetstone to restore the 'inside ride line' to strengthen the cutting process.
We're so confident in our sharpening system, we'll
sharpen free of any charge,
any one shear in your salon,
just to demonstrate and prove our system.

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