Circle of shears

Shears Not Cutting?

...are your favorite shears folding or bending the hair? Dropped & now nicked?

Knife mag rack

Do Your Knives Need A Housecall?

...are your trusty knives dull? Can't slice a tomato? Won't stay sharp anymore? 

Mobile Onsite Sharpening

Do You live in the greater Tampa Bay, St.Pete, Lakeland, Wesley Chapel, Orlando and surrounding areas. Call us for an appointment or send us an email & we'll contact you.

Chefs - Need A Restaurant Call?

You can schedule an online time to have your kitchen knives sharpened...You can arrange a time & details

Priority Mail Service

Not in our local area? We do a surprising number of Priority Mail orders as well. Check the Mail Order page for further details.

Need local service in the Greater Tampa Bay area?

Call or text TODAY for next day service!

Not in our service area? Check out our Priority Mail Service