What About Us…

I’m constantly asked by potential new clients, “So, how long have you been sharpening…?”

One of my 1st jobs as a teenager, in the late ’60’s, was working with my Father, in a neighborhood upscale grocery store. 

At first, I was just an ordinary “bag boy” but soon I was helping out in the meat department, waiting on customers, slicing deli meats & cheeses and learning various butchering procedures. Along the way, I was taught how to sharpen the knives on an “Old Skool” oil tri-stone system…and I got pretty good.

A short time after high school, I chose to enlist in the U. S. Marine Corps, and ended up working under the auspices of Inspector General, as a traveling Auditor. I also began my college education part time while stationed in California. I was honorably discharged and finished my degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management, with minors in Marketing and Accounting.

USMC El Toro, CA

The majority of my hospitality career was spent with Hilton & Holiday Inn and a few free standing restaurants, even owning several along the path…all the while honing my knife sharpening skills.

Seeking to improve my skills, I purchased an AMK knife sharpening system and began a new side business venture, sharpening for profit.

Soon, several of my hair stylist friends asked me to sharpen their shears. Not knowing much about that, I began my research & purchased an Ez-Vex Diamond wheel system, a truly unique device that sharpens & restores shears, using geomentry vs “guessing”.

I’ve since sold my last restaurant and began sharpening full-time many years ago and in the last few years, began to sharpen groomer clipper blades and retailing shears & blades as well.

Quite an enjoyable journey, one that I’m still traveling…