1st & foremost, we are Sharpeners & we’ve seen more than

our fair share of the good, the bad & the uglies… 

Our goal is to provide you with a GreatShear @ a Great Price!

…and your 1st sharpening is always FREE!

The Dirty Little Secret​​

Shear manufacturers don’t want you to know…

The Dirty Little Secret

Many of us all buy our shears from the same few factories in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Spain, and China. The shears from All Ways Sharp are the same shears you might buy from other distributors for $300-$1,000+

Other high end shear retailers have expensive marketing & branding expenses to maintain their brand recognition. But they’re from the same factory, from the same assembly, from the same worker, and sold from the factory for the same price.

When you buy an ultra expensive shear from these retailers, you are paying for many marketing teams all over the world, for ad space, both digital and traditional, and for traveling trade show sales people to buy expensive booth space, hotels, flights, and of course their salaries. We have none of those things, and pass all the savings onto you.

Beautiful packaging, logos, and ads cost a lot of money. Seriously consider whether you really care about buying that part before you spend your money.

With us, you can pay a quarter of the cost here on our website, to get the same high quality shears that you normally buy from the premium brands of the industry.